Women’s Dress Measurements: Are You Wearing the Right Size?

Womens Dress Measurements

When it comes to choosing the perfect dress, the material and the color are not the only things that matter. You can get an excellent piece of clothing that looks marvelous in the window of the store and discover that it looks terrible on you. This happens because you, like many other women, don’t know how important women’s dress measurements are when you choose a new piece. Are you really wearing the right clothes?

Get your measurements taken by a professional

This sounds ridiculous, right? In the end, what is so difficult in taking your own measurements? Surprisingly, it is trickier than you think. There are certain key points of your body that need to be measured in specific ways, and without a professional hand the chances of getting the measurements wrong is very high. You know how expensive it is to modify a dress through a good tailor, so why not get it right from the first try?

Apart from this, when you order a dress from a professional designer you need to provide much more than the size of your waist or back. Every part of your body needs to be carefully measured because one small difference can destroy the appearance of the dress, and the mistake might not be fixed so easily.

The best option? Go to a tailor, no matter if you are planning to buy a dress soon or not and ask him to take all the measurements that you might need in the future. From now on, you can order clothes online or buy designer dresses from the store without having to worry that they won’t fit perfectly.

A very important piece of advice is to pay attention when you order clothes from another continent, since they might use different measurement units. If your tailor gave you the measurements in inches or centimeters, make sure to make the conversion in the correct way and have the other units prepared as well.

Measurements vs. sizes

When you go to the store to buy a new piece of clothing, you usually ask the seller for a specific size. In the end, if you usually wear size M this is what you should be looking for, right? Well, not really.

Sizes, although they should be universal, have different measurements depending on the brand and the company producing the clothes. While it won’t be noticeable if a sweater is a bit too wide for you, it will be very obvious when it comes to an elegant dress. You should never buy a dress without trying it on just because you think it is the right size; most of the time it’s not.

If you order clothes online often, it is very important to look at the measurements of the size you want to buy before ordering a certain dress. Since different brands have different standards, what counts as M for your favorite store might count as S for another one. Where you order from is also a factor to consider, as it is well known that in some countries the size M is extremely large while in other countries it can barely fit a “classic” S.

Pay attention to the seam of the dress before you order it and if something is not clear, ask the store how they are measuring their clothing; for example, they measure the distance of the wrist from the shoulder starting from the seam above or under it?

Do the measurements matter?

If you wonder if the measurements matter when it comes to choosing dresses then, yes, they do. Regarding anything else, no, they don’t. It is very easy nowadays to let yourself be manipulated by the media and to believe that you need to fit certain standards in order to wear something special or feel beautiful. We see girls who look certain ways on the cover of the magazines, we see that clothes are made for small sizes and we can’t help but wonder if we shouldn’t lose some weight to look better.

If there’s one thing for sure, this is that people have different standards and beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. Trying to satisfy everyone is not only exhausting for your mind and body, but also impossible; there are countries in the world where a skinny woman is considered ugly and young girls are making real efforts to gain as much weight as possible. With this being said, why should you follow a certain standard and why should you struggle to reach supposed perfect measurements?

The right dress will look amazing on you no matter how small or big your waist is, as long as you are honest with yourself and you don’t try to pretend you have the perfect body. There’s no such thing as perfection, so love yourself and accept your measurements with happiness no matter how many magazines try to tell you otherwise.

In the end, what is more important: to buy a dress in a small size or to feel gorgeous the entire evening wearing a dress that is made to your measurements?


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