Quality Work Clothes: Why it’s important to shop for the best

One of the most basic ways to ensure you are financially sound is the quality of the investments you make throughout your lifetime.

If you buy a cheap home that will fall down at any moment, you will not be able to sell that home for any more than you paid for it.

An investment should offer a return of some sort. This same idea is true with the clothes that you wear.

It may be an unfortunate fact that humans judge based on a first impression  before ever getting to know someone. Regardless, it is a fact of life.

The way  you present yourself to others can play a huge role in the way that you will be perceived from then on.

This can be particularly important in the workplace, because the way you are perceived by your superiors could result in a raise, a promotion, better hours or improved working conditions.

Any advantage that you could receive might ultimately boil down to a choice by superiors. If they had two employees to pick from for a promotion, and one was always disheveled and mismatched while the other dressed like management, they would likely picked the better-dressed employee.

Although work clothes can be expensive, purchasing quality clothes rather than cheap clothes is an investment worth making.

Not only will these clothes look better and fit better, they will last longer. Instead of wasting money purchasing new clothes every time something falls apart in the wash, you should purchase clothing that will last for years to come.

Not only will you look better because your clothes will be made of better materials, you will be able to spend less in the long run.

What to look for

Quality work clothes can be made of exactly the same materials as cheap clothing, so reading on the tag is not always the best indication of quality.

However, there are other things you can look for in clothing to know if it is put together well enough to last and keep you looking your best for years to come.


Pattern seams are a great indication of quality. If patterns are sewn together so that they match, you know that great time and care was placed in the creation of an item.

Consider a polka-dot skirt. If the dots on a seam match, you know the seamstress took the time to ensure each stitch corresponded to the pattern of the panels of fabric.

Of course, some styles of clothing will not be conducive to matching the fabrics so this is not always a clear indicator. However, if the patterns of fabric are matched, this is a sure sign of quality in work clothing.

Hidden fabric quality

Another good sign for quality in women’s and men’s clothing alike is the quality of hidden fabrics.

Hidden fabrics are fabrics that make up the parts of clothing that are not visible, like pockets, jacket lining and built-in dress slips.

If pockets are made of cheap fabrics that will easily slip off, rip at the seams or are itchy or thin, then there is no need in investing. These items are cheap and will not last.


Another helpful indicator of quality clothing is the extras that you will receive when you purchase an item. This could be additional buttons in the off chance that you lose one.

Some sweaters may even include a foot of thread or yarn that matches the sweater perfectly, in the case that you tear a hole or have a loose thread.

Cheap clothing is not meant to last, so it would likely not hold together long enough to ever need an additional button or hole fixed. Only the best clothing will last long enough and be beloved enough to need repairs.

If you repair cheap clothing with items that are mismatched, of course you will not look as put-together or prepared. Clothing that comes with extras will help you repair your items so that any imperfections are invisible.

Brand recognition

One of the clearest indicators of quality is the brands that you purchase.

No, you do not have to have Chanel stamped all over your clothing to appear well-dressed. This just means that some brands are obviously not meant to last and are more trendy and now, thus meant to be tossed much earlier, than others.

Classic brands that have been around a long time and have a strong reputation are ones that you should consider purchasing. They have grown their clientele because more and more people realize that shopping their brand is a good investment.


There are lots of reasons why purchasing quality work clothes is important.

Of course you want to look your best, but there are deeper reasons. Management or superiors are more likely to notice your hard work if your appearance matches your performance. You do not want to be overlooked for a promotion or pay raise simply because you pay no mind to what you put on in the morning.

Do not spend more money than you have to in order to look great, but also do not buy the cheapest clothing simply because it is cheap. You will find yourself spending more in the long run because this clothing will not last.

Any investment calls for proper consideration and your work attire is no different.


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