Must Have Maxi Dress

Must Have Maxi Dress

If you are looking for a dress to wear to a formal event, something that can work at the beach or even something to wear to dinner, you could certainly consider a maxi dress, which looks great on just about every body type.

But, what if you could have a dress that would work for all three occasions in one?

Convertible, multi-way maxi dresses can be transformed to work in just about any type of situation for any occasion.

Nobody wants to be the person who is seen in every picture wearing the exact same dress. However, with a convertible maxi dress, you can change the style and shape of your dress so that nobody will ever know it is the same outfit.

There could not be an easier way to save money or time.

If you are looking for a maxi dress, you should consider the 12 Ami Solid Covertible Multi Way Long T-Shirt Maxi Dress – Made in USA.


This dress is made of soft fabric that is very similar to a t-shirt, so it will be super comfortable. However, because of its style, this dress can appear to be more dressy than its fabric usually suggests.

The straps of this dress are long and can easily be twisted and tied in a multitude of different ways to give it various appearances. If you would like to show your midriff, you can adjust the dress so parts of your stomach are showing. If you are more modest, you can keep the straps wide and open to cover more of your body.

Made of five percent spandex and 95 percent rayon, this dress will also be lightweight enough to wear over a bathing suit on the beach or even over sexy underwear for date night.

Because this dress comes in so many colors, you can choose whichever one is your favorite color, and there are lots of choices! There are 11 total colors.

If you choose the black dress, it will be sure to match just about anything in your closet, whether it is paired with fancy accessories or a pair of flip flops.

Because the hem of this dress is unfinished, you can easily hem it to your proper height without using a seam ripper first to get the job done.

This dress is also great for any body shape and size because maxi dresses elongate any frame. Because it is made of a stretchy material, it is also easy to find the right size if you are a small, medium or large. If not you may have trouble fitting into this one.


  • Made in the USA, so you know the quality is great and you are supporting local factories
  • Comes in many colors
  • Has a sizing chart for proper fitting
  • Can be worn different ways


  • Can be washed on gentle cycle only and must be hung to dry
  • Is sized for juniors so may be small for some
  • Does not have size extra large


Every responsible shopper should consider all of their options before making a final purchase decision.

Another dress to consider that is similar to the one described above is the Vivicastle Women’s Multi Way Wrap Convertible Infinity Long Dress.

Similar to its counterpart, this dress has long straps that can be worn in several ways to give it a multitude of looks.

This dress is also made of the same fabric with 95 percent rayon and 5 percent spandex.

However, this dress does not have the same color options because there are only five to choose from. It, too, comes in three size options: small, medium and large.

One thing to consider is that this dress does not have very thick fabric, so it is likely not appropriate for colder climates. However if you are looking to wear it to an event in the spring, summer or fall it should be just fine.


If you are hoping to find the must have  maxi dress that you cannot live without, the 12 Ami Solid Covertible Multi Way Long T-Shirt Maxi Dress – Made in USA dress is for you.

Because this dress comes in 11 different colors, it will surely fit any preference that you might have.

It is made of a super comfortable material that will be suitable for just about any situation or environment, plus it is fun to move the straps to create any look that you want.

For the price, this dress is also the best choice because you essentially have so many different dresses in one. You can wear it strapless or can twist the straps so that they are thinner and appear to be spaghetti straps.

If you are more modest, you can wear the straps wider to cover more skin, or you can even adjust the straps to be on one side so you have an asymmetrical, one-shoulder look.

The must have maxi dress is the 12 Ami Solid Covertible Multi Way Long T-Shirt Maxi Dress – Made in USA.


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