Must Have Maxi Dress:  Tips & Tricks on How to Wear It

Must Have Maxi Dress

We can all agree on the fact that dresses make a woman look the part; no matter the length, the material or the color of it. There’s no other piece of clothing that will give you the same grace and elegance that a dress does, especially a long, special one. That is why it is vital for any woman to have that must have maxi dress in her closet, the dress that will take her out of the crowd and make her feel like the Queen’s chosen companion.

You feel that it is tricky to wear maxi dresses and often you don’t know how to pair them? Then take a look at this article and get some interesting tips and tricks for every type of maxi dress that you own.

The Empire Maxi Dress

Are you attending an elegant event and want to feel comfortable but classy? Are you taking a walk in the city and the weather is quite hot? No matter the occasion or the time of the day, empire dresses are always a good choice. They make you look taller and slimmer and it is very easy to pair them with appropriate accessories. Most of them have some kind of band or belt right under the bust that will keep the attention away from the midsection. This means that you can wear this type of maxi dress even if you have a pouch or love handles that you don’t like.

If you have an empire dress in your closet and you don’t know how to wear it, go to a thrift store and get the most colorful belt that you can find. Place it over the band of the dress and enjoy your new interesting outfit. If you are planning to wear the dress during the day time, a pair of gladiator sandals will do the trick; during the evening, you will need a nice pair of high heels.

The Pencil Maxi Dress

If you are ready to show your figure, the pencil dress is exactly what you need. It is tight from the shoulders to your thighs and it reveals more than other dresses. It is better to wear it for a special occasion, but if you find the right material it will look just fine in the middle of the day too. Pay attention to the temperature outside when you decide to wear a pencil dress; it does not provide much ventilation and it can become really uncomfortable if you start to sweat.

Regarding the shoes, it’s always better to wear high heels with this piece as this will hide any potential defects and it will improve your posture. Keep the accessories to a minimum as the dress has to be the central piece; a delicate pair of earrings is enough.

The High Low Maxi Dress

There is a very important reason why this particular dress cannot be missing from your wardrobe: it can save you from many situations when you don’t know what to wear. As it is shorter in the front and longer at the back, it can be worn both to casual and elegant events and it flatters every type of silhouette.

Because the high-low dress shows your feet, you have to be very careful as to what shoes you choose. In general, the best option is to go for some high heel sandals with thin straps that embrace your feet. If the dress is colored, wear it with metallic shoes; if it is simple and without any prints, choose colorful shoes.

The Strapless Maxi Dress

This is among the most common of the long dresses that you can wear and for a good reason: it is extremely comfortable, especially in the summer. If it is made from a flowy material it will allow your skin to breathe and it will make your shoulders the center of attention. It can be worn both simple and with a statement necklace and it is suitable for any occasion.

Some strapless dresses do not provide a lot of support for the bust, so you have to consider getting a strapless bra. Also, make sure that the top edge of the dress fits you perfectly; if it is wide it will keep coming down and if it is too tight it will give you an unpleasant sensation all the time.

The Backless Maxi Dress

When you decide to wear a backless dress, you have to make sure that the rest of the outfit is very simple and classy and you have an impeccable back. You can pair it with a thin bracelet and a small clutch; the dress is elegant already and it does not require anything more.

Most of the dresses that show your back have a high neckline, so you will not show more than you should.

No matter what outfit you decide to wear, always wear it with confidence and self-love. Remember that you are the one who makes the clothes look beautiful, and not the other way around!


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