Corporate Attire

Corporate Attire

Corporate culture has its own rules and dress codes which have no room for flamboyant clothes and designs. A business dress is formal and less flashy because it lays more emphasis on professionalism and capability and less on style.

Companies and organizations often have dress codes  that have four broad categories.

Business Formal

Business formal is an upgrade of your normal day- to- day professional outfit. This dress exudes maturity and elegance besides being clean and concise. Suits are common in  this type of attire. Women wear lady suits with matching skirt a closed-toe pumped heels.

Business Professional

This dress is less formal and more functional.  That means that you wear a traditional and less formal dress although there are ways to blend it with fashion like wearing blazers. Business Professional is roughly the same as Business formal but without the need to be dressed in best suits and shoes. Business Casual

Although the rules for business casual dress are not as strict as those for business formal and business professional dresses but it is not totally casual. So, ordinary jeans and shirt is a definite  ‘no’.  So is anh flamboyant dress since you have to maintain a professional look. However, traditional dresses  for women and polo shirts for men are acceptable. Small Business Casual

This type of business dress has minimum code restrictions. You can afford to be innovative and less formal but sloppy clothes are not allowed even under this category. The idea is to look clean and properly dressed with minimum formalities even if you represent a small business.

Whatever you wear you need to be careful and stick to the organization’s dress codes.

With so many designs available in the market you can choose to could stand out with the way you dress yourself. Colors, patterns and designs are important in choosing your corporate dresses. Accessories that accentuate your look should blend well with your dress.

Remember that, like anywhere else, the first impression is important in the corporate culture so choose your dress carefully to make the right statement.


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