Business Attire: 5 Best Choices For Women

Business attire: 5 best choices for women

In a world where the number of business women grows each year, there are more and more ladies that start building their career, brick by brick, needing to be taken seriously and have a professional attitude that gets them results. Do you think skills, knowledge and personality are the only assets here? Wrong.

It is said that just a few seconds gives us an opinion towards a person we first meet, long before we even get the chance to speak. In the professional world, how you look is very important because what you are wearing has a hidden message.

When choosing your business attire you have to pay attention to crucial details since they can influence a lot a business relationship.

Standard business attire looks more polished and professional than what you probably wear. It becomes very important to know that this dress code is the strictest of them all.

Try to forget about expressing yourself while wearing eccentric pieces, in order to avoid exposing to fashion risks. Your outfit should never distract your colleagues or yourself from work, but rather show them discreetly your sense of style.

Tailored dresses, as well as skirts with a blouse and jacket, can also serve as standard business attire for women. Below you can find merely suggestions in finding the business attire that works best for you.

How to choose the best business attire

When choosing your professional look, you must think about pieces that are polished and flattering for all the right reasons. You want items that show off your best assets without compromising your credibility and power.

Also, you want to flatter your body shape without ever showing anything you don’t want to. As an example, tops with a higher neckline are great for a business outfit, because they never show anything, or when you bend or just sit. They get the job done, without distracting people from work.

Whenever you choose what to wear, make sure it fits. Too tight clothes make you look bigger than you actually are and loose clothes give you a sloppy appearance. Tailored clothes are the best choice so never avoid modifying a little bit your clothes if needed.

When it comes to style or colors, ask yourself two major questions: “How do I feel today?” and “What message should my outfit get across?” Your clothes may show answers to both of these questions.

The color you pick will say a lot about you. Human brain reacts differently to certain colors and produces instantly an emotional response.

Blue gives off the thought that you are honest and can be trusted, black shows power and authority, green and purple makes you look like a friendly and relaxed person and red gets all the eyes on you, showing that you’re assertive and confident.

Flattering your figure and then come together to help you create a stand-out style that is classy and professional.

What to look for in good business attire

There are a few things you should consider when you go shopping. Aspects like material, silhouette and functionality are crucial in finding the perfect business look.

Always pay attention to the quality of the material. What does not look good doesn’t convey power or authority so polyester, rayon or anything that is not natural should be out of discussion.

Look for thick materials such as wool and just feel it. The softer it is the better.

Also, make sure patterns are subtle and plain, appearing conservative. Play it safe and never distract business meetings with your colored stripes or dots.

Tailored clothing looks so well in every occasion. It definitely pays to invest money in high-quality outfits that can be mixed out. You should adapt your clothes to your silhouette while paying attention to details.

For a jacket, strong shoulders transmit a power look. In addition to that, while color and material are important, the right length is critical.

Functionality is important. Gone are the days where you have to carry a purse with you at all times. Interior pockets for cash, ID card or tissues are common in almost all jackets and they allow you have all that you need in a discrete way.





  HOMEYEE Women’s Stretch Tunic Pencil Sheath Dress  $  4.2/5
  Miusol Women’s Scoop Neck Optical Illusion Belt Business Dress  $$  4.0/5
   Tiana B Women’s Plus-Size Three-Quarter-Sleeve Embellished Cuff and Trim Dress  $$$  4.0/5
   Le Suit Women’s Crepe Satin Trim Bordeaux Pant Suit  $$$  3.9/5
   Missmay Women’s Vintage 1950s Style 3/4 Sleeve Black Lace Flare A-line Dress  $$$  4.4/5
   Leadingstar Women’s Fashion Casual Long Sleeve Drapped Open-Front Shawl Collar Knit Cardigan  $$  4.0/5
   Miusol Women’s Official Scoop Neck Optical Illusion Business Pencil Midi Dress  $  4.3/5
   Viwenni Women’s Elegant Long Sleeve Colorblock Wear to Work Sheath Pencil Dress  $$  4.0/5
   REPHYLLIS Women 3/4 Sleeve Striped Business Pencil Dress  $  4.3/5
   Viwenni Women’s Long Sleeve Colorblock Wear to Work Sheath Pencil Dress  $$  4.0/5

HOMEYEE Women’s Stretch Tunic Pencil Sheath Dress

Counting more than 50 broadcast meteorologists who are wearing these Homeyee dresses, you can be sure it is exactly the classy yet professional business attire you are looking for when trying to play it safe when getting dressed for work.

It surely makes a great buy, being nicely designed to flatter your shape and make you look really good in whatever the occasion! Having the Voguish Color block Slim Optical Illusion Style, it takes attention from your curves to your wonderful body, making you look divine at all times.

We sure recommend it to any business woman, blending perfectly into an office, but it can definitely catch some compliments at a conference, at a social event or even at fancy dinner out in the city.

The fabric is thick with a nice stretch to it. Its material makes the dress really nice and comfortable for fall or winter when it is a bit cold outside, but can be worn in any season. Available in blue, red, pink or purple, you can choose the color which fits you the most.

This dress has a perfectly respectable length, a V-neck and ¾ sleeves, which makes it appropriate but is far away from being dull and boring. Having an adjustable zipper in front, it allows you to add the sexy by zipping it down to show a little cleavage, giving you that celebrity look in a less formal environment.

If you feel uncomfortable by the dress showing too much, you can always try to wear a coat or a longer nice sweater to cover up. You can mix up colors to show the good taste you have in clothing.

Furthermore, you can choose to zip down the whole zipper and then tie the dress with a wide gorgeous belt to stand out at any social event.

Being 65% Polyester, 30%cotton and 5% Spandex, it would be recommended to be Hand washed only, in order to preserve and protect the material and keep it in a great shape for a long time.

Open any TV and see other successful women wearing it with pride. Take a look at the great reviews which make you want to have one of your own.

Available in many sizes, you just have to check which one is best for your needs and decide to purchase it right now!

Miusol Women’s Scoop Neck Optical Illusion Belt Business Dress

When trying to be appropriate for going to work, we try to avoid standing out in the crowd with an eccentric color or pattern, but we would not like to settle for a random appearance because women like to feel good in their skin all the time. That is exactly why accessories come into the scene.

A nice element added to a simple dress can make it shine and tell a lot about the person wearing it.

This is the case of Miusol Business dresses; they just have that something that catches the eye while being really discrete. This Scoop Neck dress is suitable for both a professional meeting and an evening party or prom.

In matters of design, it is highly adaptable to any kind of event and with the right accessories; it can be adapted to whatever the etiquette requires.

Speaking of accessories, the creamy belt is worth all the money because it can really showcase a nice waist, showing off a body with really nice curves, flattering your figure. The belt is short enough to keep it simple and not crowd your appearance with a bow tie at your waist and just have a simple knot to keep it together.

This dress is really elegant and easy to match with tasteful accessories.

The fabric is ideal, not being clingy or tight but rather falling nicely on the body while being stretchy. It accentuates what is needed and hiding what should not be on display. Thickness is great as well, not allowing you to see through the material.

It is not heavy and it does not heat you up, making it really comfortable to wear. The color is neutral, being a beautiful Navy Blue that matches perfectly with the belt’s contrast color.

This dress is very well tailored. The shape is figure flattering, having a scoop neck design in the front and a V-neck in the back. The length is appropriate and does not ride up, having a Fitting style dress that ends right above your knees.

The dress is sleeveless, which makes it also look casual, rather than a stiff design. You can wear it at work with a jacket or a sweater for a more conservative look.

Made of 67%Rayon, 28%Polyester and 5%Spandex, it is recommended to wash it by hand to make sure the material does not get ruined. Follow the Size chart to make sure you find the perfect fit.

Tiana B Women’s Plus-Size Three-Quarter-Sleeve Embellished Cuff and Trim Dress

Instead of an extravagant pick, a simple outfit can really do the job. Showing off with a comfortable dress can really show you are friendly and you care more about what you have to do, rather than spending a lot of time on your looks.

All in all, choosing the simple attire cannot harm your appearance. In this case, a small detail, a little accessory or even a discrete pattern on your dress will much likely to stand out more than in a complicated outfit.

This dress is absolutely stunning in its simple design. Although having a T-Shirt look, it is not unshapely. Any type of body can fill this dress nicely, and it does flatter the least forgiving areas.

Without having a zipper, it is really easy to get dressed. The dress features a wide border at cuffs and hem embellished with round beads.

The 3/4 sleeves make it perfect for both cold and warm weather, matching so well with a nice sweater on top.

The material is really charming, having an intense Royal blue color which stands out in a crowd. You can also find the dress available in black, for a more natural look.

The fabric is stretchy so you don’t have to worry about looking unkempt for there is a fair balance between a loose and tight dress in your Tiana’s creation.

You can pair it with heels and accessories for your cocktail hour or even normal flats for the office. Jewelry, even big ones can go perfectly with this dress.

Don’t hold back from belts and nice colors to match your dress with. You can even try out different styles such as adding boots and a leather jacket for leisure activities.

The 95% Polyester and 5% Spandex material makes it mandatory to be hand washed.

Le Suit Women’s Crepe Satin Trim Bordeaux Pant Suit

Wearing a suit has been in business for a long time for both men and women. If you have an important meeting where you have to get things done, a suit is your best business attire.

As a lady, wearing a two piece set will give the impression of a serious, trustworthy person, a good choice to partner with.

Don’t be fooled by thinking that suits are for men or think of them as a boring outfit. A well-tailored suit can make your body look really nice and impress people around, even without them noticing.

Hiding the imperfections, while flattering your shape is what you have to go for. This Crepe Satin suit is divine, making it such a nice pick for a professional summer wear at the office.

This suit includes a blazer and a pair of pants. The top features crepe fabric, having long sleeves and two button closure, to compliment your waist.

Finally, functionality kicks in with the 2 pockets on the front. Pants have a straight leg fit and concealed zip with a hook and a button closure. The material is light and feels really nice to the skin, making you able to wear it a whole day, looking amazing in all this time.

When talking about this kind of outfits, they have to fit really well. You can’t have them too tight and you definitely have to make sure they’re not too big for you. Both the pants and the blazer have to be exactly your size.

Do not be tempted to say that this suit is good enough after you buy it. Go the extra mile and have it tailored, modifying that small area that could look better on your body. Match the formality with a great accessory. A pair of heels and a structured handbag will surely add up to your look.

Suits are usually designed to have neutral colors and they might appear conservative and uninspired. You want to make sure that you add some variety or something visually interesting. Depending on your company’s rules, you can adapt the added element to what it is appropriate.

A bold accessory will definitely stand out and show that you’re strong and courageous, but you can also keep it simple with a pop of color from a fancy top or a nice belt.

Take care with maintaining this outfit. Being entirely made out of Polyester, you may try dry cleaning or a gentle hand wash to refresh it from time to time.

Missmay Women’s Vintage 1950s Style 3/4 Sleeve Black Lace Flare A-line Dress

If you want to go back a few years and bring the class on your business attire, this dress is your pick. Being very elegant, the office is not the only place for this dress.

You can wear it as a bridesmaid, as a company manager at a presentation or just as a guest at a cocktail party, looking absolutely stunning.

You will love this dress. The style, the way it fits and the way it makes you feel, all come together into making the ideal piece of clothing.

Having a vintage design with a retro floral pattern lace which is flawless, will only bring you compliments when wearing it.

The dress comes in black or blue, with invisible buttons and zipper closure. The waistband has a perfect tailoring touch, not making curvy bodies look bad, but rather falling on place perfectly, showing only a lady’s assets.

This dress has a stretchy material so you have room to move and breathe. It has a good weight at the bottom, to reassure you it is made up from a quality fabric.

Keeping the dress buttoned up will make it designed for a prestigious event, but opening some buttons will instantly prepare you for a new type of classy look. You can wear it all day and not get tired or uncomfortable in it and you never have to worry it will start to wrinkle or look bad.

Being so simple, yet so delicate, it makes this dress so easy to accessorize. Pick a small, discrete necklace to add mystery to the dress or add a drop of color with a thin belt.

Make sure your shoes are appropriated, and never be afraid to wear that bold red heels to match your little black dress.

The comfort of this dress comes especially from its composition: 64% Cotton, 32% Chinlon and 4% Spandex. Light, but tight to your top, its fabric will have a nice touch a long time after buying the dress with the proper care. Hand wash your dress with low-temperature water to preserve it nicely. Are you convinced this is the one?


If you are not sure about how to dress for a formal meeting, play it safe and dress appropriately in standard business attire. While wearing your torn jeans when you work at home seems to be the best idea, stepping out into the business world has to be made with elegance and pride.

Having an appropriate outfit will show what a powerful business woman you are.